W4BWW Repeater


Under Construction.

53.05- and 29.620- both will have PL-100

The planned Coverage Map 6M:

The Repeater Parts:

Will be using 7330 Scom, not pictured. Borrowed 5K shown with the original two TK-630.

Im using TK-630-3 TX and TK-690-3 RX, with BpBr not pictured (The ones Pictured are on 53.01- PL100 on the W4WC site, AJARC.ORG ). (The 10m Repeater will use TK-690-1 RX and TK630-1 TX)

Here is the 10m duplexers (they exist, and they are long):

This photo was when I had the 53.01- at N4FV Site just below the W4WC site, you can see this tower in the picture on the ajarc.org. May end up building a few of these Dipoles for my 53.05- site in New Market, TN. However this antenna (Sinclar DB-212) is to be on the 53.01- Repeater. Plan to build-make some of these dipoles for the 10m as well.

Suggestions for antenna for FM vertical:


Better one:


I feel it is a Sirio 827 10m modified by Norwalk Electronics. Either Way it works great. I have the Sirio 827 for 10m FM Repeaters.

TK690 Conversion:


TK630 Conversion:

Conversion to 6m (Tuning)

Contact me if you want TK630/TK690        —> bobwwj555 at Gmail.com

10 Meter FM rig? They are cheap:      (It is part of the General and up band.)

10 Meter Radio SR-94HPC

6 Meter Local List GSheet shared link, use gmail account to access:


2 Meter Local List GSheet shared link, use gmail account to access: