Ham Radio

Ham Radio by W4BWWPreviously KJ4IGR,  Click Here for about me.

What is Amateur Radio (Ham Radio)? This?

It is a popular hobby and service that brings people, electronics and communication together. People use ham radio to talk across town, around the world, or even into space, all without the Internet or cell phones. (Technically a cell phone is a 800-1200mhz radio) It’s fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need.  If you have to know what Ham has to do with it read this otherwise carry on.

New and want to learn here is a full 6hrs+  free Class, while old, the questions will be different otherwise radio content is always consistent its the laws that change:

I suggest using QRZ.COM account and using their test or the  hamradiolicenseexam.com  and www.gordonwestradioschool.com  if your in the idea to purchase a class . The ARRL.com is the best resource, as publishers or distributors of the QST and many other radio books.

Through HAM Radio I have been involved in various projects, clubs and events over the years. Belows is just a few of the highlights of some things and connections, I made thru being a Ham and thru the Club TTARS.

Things like: Finding Bob Norton, and helping Mr. Bob Edwards

Here is a short video for those that need another explanation:

and some other items we use radio for like these items below:


The Motorized Bike I used to ride to school on and in the race.. I added a large antenna courtesy of KJ4MFJ. After I installed a rack above the rear wheel. 

I also helped N4FV with Repeater Installs for the Club Andrew Johnson Radio Club thou old photo it still uses the repeater:

Bob N4FV has a web page located by clicking here, we keep the repeater agreement and stuff there.

and the Andrew Johnson Radio Club

and other clubs I have visited and done things with have been:

Knoxville Club or searching W4BBB

Cookeville Club or searching W4HPL

Climbing towers is also part of the hobby I began to enjoy although I am scared of heights!


Here I am removing a new tower to used by and for N4FV.

I bring old towers down and put new ones up as well.

Here is My New tower being removed from Bill (William) Downs (WD2E) and me (behind camera) removing my new tower that I am working to finish the install at my house currently, I do have setup as of  beginning of 2018 but still have some work to do before finishing the final touches.


The W4BWW-Repeater and About it, You can find details for it on artscipub.com as well.